The Making of Sivaji Ghee

Picture Legend:
1. Whey Protein Separates.......2. Whey Removed.........
3.More whey to remove 4. Milk Solids turn light brown .......
5. Looks clear as oil...... 6. Finally the Ghee

It took me about 30 mins to make this ghee out of 1lb unsalted butter.
The process is quite simple.. Let us look why we got to make our own ghee when there are tons of store products out there. Well, the truth is you dont 'have' to make ur own ghee in the first place. But if you 'prefer' to, here is how.
Personally I make ghee becoz most ghees in Indian stores here don't carry the expiry date or even the manufactured date. That bothers me.. The next reason would be because I read that there are many popular ghee brands adulterate ghee with animal fat..The other reasons - I know how to make and I have time and it is that simple. So why not?!

  • Melt unsalted butter sticks in a small sauce pan on low heat
  • After sometime, you will see froth forming on top
  • The butter separates into 3 layers
  • The top one is the whey protein
  • The middle one is what you are after
  • The bottlom layer is formed by the milk solids
  • Carefully remove the froth with a clean dry spoon
  • Do NOT disturb the pan
  • The bubbling sound will subside and you may see a second batch of froth forming
  • Remove those as before
  • The milk solids may slowly turn light brown
  • The contents will turn as clear as oil and you can see the bottom of the vessel
  • At this point the ghee gets a nice golden yellow color
  • Remove the pan carefully not mixing the contents from the heat
  • Allow it to cool for couple of mins
  • Use a cheesecloth or a nice paper towel (good quality) over a mesh strainer to strain the liquid to a heat resistant bottle
  • Cover it after the ghee cools down
  • Some may season the ghee with cumin seeds, red chilly or murungai keerai leaves for added aroma
  • When made properly, ghee can be stored at room temperature for more than 6 months

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