Cho Cho Paruppu Kootu

1- pressure cook 1/4 cup of chana dhal with little turmeric, 1 tsp of oil  for 1 whistle
2) oil+ curry leaves+hing+urad dhal+garlic pod+onions+salt+turmeric+red chillies+ veges -> cover cook until half done
3) add dhal and cook for 7 mins covered
4) grind 1/4 cup coconut powder+1/4 tsp of ginger-garlic paste (or just ginger paste.. or very little grated fresh ginger)+1 green chilly+1/4 tsp of cum,in seeds
5) add it to vege-dhal mix and cook uncovered for another 5 mins
turn off stove and add few drops of coconut oil for extra flavor.

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